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Tamar Braxton Interview on The Steve Harvey Show

Tamar Braxton Speaks on Her Departure from The Real on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Plus Steve Harvey Announces 112 Productions Have Signed Tamar for Her Own Talk Show and TV Series! 

During this morning June 2nd, 2016 R&B singer Tamar Braxton gave her first interview speaking on how she was fired from the talk show The Real with Steve Harvey on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Interview video below.

The interview starts talking about Braxton Family Values with tonight's new episode explaining how Tamar found out she was fired from The Real and her initial, genuine reaction. Steve Harvey asks Tamar without giving it away in the new episode what happens. Braxton responds with "Well to be honest about it, it's pretty much two hours after it all happened. I was actually on my way to shoot a scene for The Braxton's and that's when you know I got the news from Vince. The camera just so happened to be there and you get a really clear candid picture of you know, my sisters being there for me and me pretty much having to be honest about my feelings which is kind of hard for me." 

Braxton continues to set the record straight on how she got the news on how she was fired on The Real. Steve Harvey asked Tamar, "Let me ask you where you was when you got the call." Braxton responds "Well, actually I didn't get a call to be honest. Vince (Braxton's husband and manager) made a call because he wanted to.. this is so random. He was calling them (the producers of the The Real) to talk about Glam for Essence Festival, literally verbatim she was like "Oh, I've been meaning to call you". "I was actually in my glam room and came downstairs I saw this look on Vince's face he just looked like distraught and confused and I thought something had happened." "He was just like I think you got fired.. I think. I'm like what you talking about fired for what?" Braxton starts to laugh with Steve Harvey and continues to stay "From The Real and really honestly, my heart sunk into my shoes. I pretty much fell over I loved going to work, I love driving myself to work. I would work out in the morning and go straight to the set and be there to shoot two or three shows, come home and shoot a scene or two for The Braxton's (Braxton Family Values) or Tamar & Vince or record a record. 

Interview with Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey continues to ask Braxton about if she suspected that any controversy leading up to her being fired to make her think "even for a moment, that something was wrong" Braxton responds "God no, you know when you love your job It's no issue. You know what I mean you ain't gonna complain about much, you're not fighting with anybody. I mean me and the girls got along so I thought and you know we've been on hiatus for about 3 weeks so for to come out of the blue was just astonishing". Tamar also said "I don't see this as anything negative. I see this as everything positive and I see god as moving in my life more than ever." 

Later on in the interview Steve Harvey announced that Tamar was signed to 112 Street Productions, for her to produce her own Talk Show and TV Series. 112 Street Productions is one of the fastest TV production companies in Hollywood originally founded in California, L.A. 

Make sure to catch Braxton Family Values on WE tv, Thursdays 9PM (U.S. only) For worldwide viewing of new episodes visit Braxton Family Values 
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