K. Michelle - More Issues Than Vogue, Country Album, Jack Daniels Endorsement, New Label & Returning to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Kimberly "K. Michelle" Pate gave an interview with WGCI Sprite Lounge to promote her upcoming album More Issues Than Vogue on March 22, 2016. When asked about the title of the album "I had named the album 'I'm Not White, But I Hope You Like' and Jack Daniels kinda asked me, can we just hold that as a piece or something so I did do something with that. It's coming out so." The interviewer asking if it was a song title, "It's a piece about it and it's a song that I did." said Pate.


K. Michelle announced that before she turned in her recent project 'More Issues Than Vogue' she originally gave her record label a country album "And my label was really scared, like what the heck are we doing. They didn't know I had other records and they said can we just do one more R&B album and then do a Country album." As the interviewer asked Pate if Atlantic Records would give her a Country album, she responded "Yes. It's very conservative and for me it's more about making a statement it's more about leaving your legacy you know.. I kinda live for my legacy cause if you stay in that moment you don't move forward. If I want to fight for my people I want to open doors, women who are African American, I do R&B, I do Rap, I do all of that stuff with my eyes closed." Announcing with "This will be my last R&B album." K. Michelle has announced in recent interviews that she plans to release a Country EP soon with the dates yet to be confirmed.

When asked about returning to VH1's reality tv show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for season 5, K. Michelle responds "Barely. I'll be there you just get to a point, it was cute at first. It sounded really cute. I was like yeah K. Michelle's coming back that's how it was presented. It's been kinda difficult for them to film because I've been working and mentally I have been in and out so it's a good look for my restaurant and things like that business wise." She also talks about her new endorsement with Jack Daniels which is set to be launched in 2017 being the first African-American and person to ever sign a deal with Jack Daniels. 

Revealing Atlantic Records had presented K. Michelle with a record label and she will be looking to sign three artists a year. And she will be producing two new reality shows one with Mona Scott-Young (Love & Hip Hop Franchise, K. Michelle: My Life, Stevie J & Joseline Take Hollywood), one with American Chainsaw Group and a tour in April 2016. During the interview tracks from the upcoming album 'More Issues Than Vogue' were played to fans that attended the interview including "Ain't You", "All I Got", "Sleep Like a Baby", "Rich" (featuring Trina & Yo Gotti) and "Mindful". Lastly she revealed "I will be doing a remix with a bunch of people" regarding to the song "Rich".

Click here to watch the 37 minute interview with WGCI.

I think I can speak for all the fans and say this album is going to be amazing, as K. Michelle has always been dedicated to her fans time after time she never fails to disappoint. Be sure to pick up 'More Issues Than Vogue' on March 25, 2016.

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